Lodge History

History of Mitchell Lodge #296

The minutes of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania for quarterly Communications, held on December 3, 1855, state.” A number of the Brethren residing in Germantown having petitioned Grand lodge for permission to form a new lodge, to be known as Mitchell lodge, No. 296 A.Y.M. the same was referred to the Grand Lodge Officers with power to act.

The warrant prayed for was granted and thus a new star was added to the constellation that adorns the Grand lodge galaxy. How beautiful has been its luster! With what radiance has it shone in its fealty and obedience to its parent Grand Lodge! Loyal to the tenants of the craft, true to its ancient landmark, and ever zealous in promoting and up building the glorious superstructure of our imperishable institution.

Foundation of the Lodge

The necessity for a new Lodge in Germantown had been discussed at considerable length by resident brethren of the craft, especially by those who were at the time members of what was known as our mother Lodge, Hiram Lodge No.81, at that time met in Upper Germantown, on Germantown Avenue, near Franklin Street. Of the twenty-two brethren who constituted the charter list, nineteen were members of Hiram Lodge No.81, and one each of the Washington Lodge No. 59, Phoenix Lodge No. 130,and Eastern Star lodge No. 186

The cause, which led to its formation were manifold. They can best be epitomized by Quoting from the first page of the original record of proceedings or minutes Where as, during the years 1853-54-55 it appeared to many of the brethren of Hiram lodge No.81 A.Y.M. of Germantown, Pa. that a change of their place to meet was expedient and desirable; and so anxious did they feel on this point, that they had the question of removal several times debated, but with out success; finally, they determined peacefully to separate, and with the aid of some of the Brethren from other lodges, formed a new one, With this object in view, several preliminary meetings were held at the office of brother William H. Squire, When the subject received the most serious consideration and obtained the unanimous approval of the Brethren, Committees were appointed for various departments of the work. Each and all of them discharged their respective duties with utmost zeal and fidelity, and length had the happiness of seeing their labor crowned with success!

Things were not looking good for Mitchell Lodge, membership was dropping off and the petition was coming in slowly.

In the year 1998 The Lodge started to be more recognized. The lodge started doing more for charity and as the Lodge in general. A Day of Bowling was held to raise money for Big Brothers and Sisters of Bucks County to help support their programs for children. An Art Show was held at LuLu Temple to raise money for the Make-A- Wish program. Donations were made to the St Jude’s Hospital for children.  A Family Night was planned for all the lodge members and their families. A Spring Cruise was planned on The Spirt of Philadelphia and a good time was had by all. The lodge took a holiday trip to Lancaster, to see a Christmas Show and Dinner.

A Stair Chair was installed in the lodge for those who need assistance getting up to the lodge room.

The Worshipful Master Raymond T.George PM in recognition of 20 years of service presented Brother Stanley Jiuliano with a Treasurer Service Award.

An Extra meeting was planned to have the degree team from the LuLu Temple Knights of Mecca to confer the Third Degree at Mitchell lodge

The members of the lodge presented Brother William F. Hoehn PM with a Service Award for his steady guidance and teaching.

On October 13, 2001 it was made known that Raymond T. George PM of Mitchell Lodge would be the District Deputy of Masonic District E. On January 10th.2002, Right Worshipful Grand Master Marvin A. Cunningham and all the Officers of Grand Lodge was received with Grand Honors. Brother Raymond T. George PM was invested as the District Deputy Grand Master of Masonic District “E”.

A Special meeting was planned to bring the Masonic Kilties of New Jersey to Mitchell Lodge, To Exemplify their Masonic Degree work and for the purpose of raising money for Shrines Hospital.

Grand Lodge announced that the Grand Lodge would be holding a one-day Man to Mason Class on October 2, 2004. The class was very successful in the Philadelphia Area. That 380 men were made Mason that day.

The year 2005 was Mitchell Lodge No. 296 150th Anniversary and a party was planned for all at Kings Catering in Bristol by the Worshipful Master, Frederic K. Weiss and the party was well attended

Due to the One-Day Man to Mason Class and petition for membership coming in, the last couple years have be growth years for the lodge. We have had a lot of new members coming in and we hope it will continue.

The following couple years the lodge held their own on membership.  With the hope the young member would be advancing in the chair and it was not until 2014 that the lodge for the first time in years did not have a Past Master in the chairs.